Quiet Quitting Job, the New Trend: Is it really good?

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The ‘quiet quitting job’ seems to be a new trend in the workplace. Those, who are not familiar with this new term, must be wondering what it means.

For what the term ‘Quiet Quitting Job’ stands for?

The term ‘quiet quitting job’ has been coined to describe the employee’s behavior where he likes to complete the given tasks and leave the office on time so that he can spend more time with his beloved family, friends, and himself. He has more time to enjoy the things which he is not able to due to his hectic schedule and overwork.

What do experts have to say about ‘Quiet Quitting Job’?

Some experts say that this is not the appropriate term and should be renamed that more specifically describes the intent, like taking care of oneself. From the term, one can confuse it with resigning from the job without saying anything. So a more relevant term should be coined.

Here the word ‘Quitting’ means the employees are declining to do overtime and the jobs for which they are not being paid.

Ed Zitron runs a media house and criticizes the corporate system where the business owners do not value the personal space and time of their employees. They consider their employees as machines who can keep working round the clock without taking any break and having time for personal life.

Ed further says that on the one hand, the corporate houses take extra work from employees, and on the other, they do not pay them extra for doing overtime. Getting overwork done and that too without proper compensation is a form of exploitation.

Not being rewarded for their extra work makes employees frustrated. And this impacts their mental health and personal life as well.

The TikTok Video on ‘Quiet Quitting Job’:

A video on this trend went viral on the social media platform TikTok in which the user shared about ‘Quiet Quitting Job.’ The video was shared in July by the account @zaidleppelin. The owner of the account is 24-year-old Zaid Khan. Zaid says that the main motive for sharing the video is to attract attention to reforms needed in the workplace.

After seeing the video, many people shared their views and experiences as comments on it. The video went viral in no time. The hashtag #quietquitting crossed more than 8.2 million views.

Change in the approach of employees:

Employees love to work for a company where they are valued, where they get enough time for themselves, family, and friends, where they are compensated for the extra load, and not where they are considered 24×7 working machines.

Employees have started approaching companies with a good working atmosphere, and resigning from an unsatisfactory job has become a new trend.

The side effects of the trend:

The trend of ‘Quiet Quitting Job’ has its side effects as well. Employers are keeping an eye on such employees who leave for their homes on time. Such employees are not liked by their bosses, obviously. So, the bosses start looking for new hiring that can take the place of such employees.

But this trend of ‘Quiet Quitting Job’ is a clear-cut indication for employers to value their employees and compensate them for their overwork. The overwork taken by the employers takes a toll on the mental and physical health of the employees, and it is time the bosses must understand this.

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