Queen Elizabeth II’s lookalike set to give up job after 34 years out of respect for late monarch


Mary Reynolds, a lookalike of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, said she will give up the job after 34 years out of sheer respect for the late monarch, who passed away on September 8. 

Reynolds, who is famous for looking uncannily similar to Queen Elizabeth II, said that she will still keep her outfits in memory of a woman who “felt like part of the family”. 

While speaking to the PA news agency, Reynolds said she felt “lucky” to look like the Queen. She said, “It’s been a great privilege to look like her because I think she’s so incredible.” 

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“I mean, it’s a change of an era now, it’s all going to be very weird. I was watching the television the day before and felt that there was going to be some bad news, which of course eventually came and it makes you feel very, very, very sad,” she added. 

“And then you do sort of realise that will be the end as far as I’m concerned… out of respect, I don’t think one should do anything,” she further said. 

As mentioned by the news agency, Reynolds also said that a Russian television company approached her after the Queen’s death on Thursday. They asked her to don her impersonator outfit. 

She said, “There was something about a Russian television company wanting to do something with me and they wanted to see me dressed up and I said, the only way I would dress up as the Queen would be in a black dress.” 

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“I’ve just moved home… and I’ve got two boxes full of hats and I’ve just found somewhere to put them and I thought: I’m not really going to need them anymore,” she added. 

Reynolds noted that she will probably keep her outfits of the Queen though as “they’ve been part of my life for so long”. 

She also mentioned that she had two separate wardrobes for her normal and royal outfits, but would dip into “the Queen’s” for “somewhere special”. 


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