Queen Elizabeth II’s final flight is the most tracked in history

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The aircraft bringing the late monarch’s body from Edinburgh to London on Tuesday (September 13) was the most watched flight in history with little over five million viewers.

4.79 million people saw the flight live online in total, and an additional 25,000 people watched it on Flightradar24’s Youtube channel, according to the flight tracking website.

The platform’s stability was reportedly affected by an unprecedented six million follow-the-flight attempts within the first minute of the Boeing C17A Globemaster turning on its transponder at Edinburgh’s airport, according to the business.

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“Seventy years after her first flight as Queen aboard the BOAC Argonaut ‘Atalanta,’ Queen Elizabeth II’s final flight is the most tracked flight in Flightradar24 history,” Flightradar24 Director of Communications said.

On September 8, Elizabeth, the monarch with the longest reign in Britain, passed away in Balmoral, Scotland.

The burial will take place on September 19.

As per Flightradar24, the flight exceeded the previous record of 2.2 million set by US In August, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, travelled by plane to Taiwan.

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