Queen Elizabeth II to be laid to rest beside husband, funeral expected on September 19


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Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest beside her husband Prince Philip at King George VI memorial chapel. Britain’s longest-serving monarch will be interred at the small chapel where her parents are also buried. 

The Queen passed away on Thursday (September 8) at her home in Scotland at the age of 96. 

Queen’s sad demise is a key moment in Britain’s history and there is a set of protocols to be followed by the Royal Family members and other officials in the coming days. 

September 9 will be the ‘D-Day’ and the coming days will be called D-Day plus the number of days. 

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The world continues to mourn the Queen, and the nation has entered a period of mourning. Any event of such national importance is usually pre-planned. 

For some time now, arrangements were made for her funeral. The planning has been done for several years. 

Reports have mentioned that the Queen will be buried after a state funeral at the special chapel in Windsor Castle. The Royal experts expect the funeral to take place at Westminster Abbey in central London on Monday (September 19). 

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Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest alongside her parents. Princess Margaret, Queen’s younger sister, was cremated and her ashes were also transferred to the tomb following her death in February 2002. 

Buckingham Palace said the king and other members of the royal family would observe an extended mourning period from now until seven days after her funeral. 


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