Queen Elizabeth II carved her own role as solitary woman in a man’s world, says Camilla


Praising Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla on Sunday paid a tribute to Britain’s longest reigning monarch who ruled the country for 70 years.

Calling Queen Elizabeth II a “solitary woman” in a world dominated by men, Camilla said she had an ”unforgettable smile” during an interview with BBC.

prior going to the Mon Fertile finishing school in Switzerland and then the Institut Britannique in France, Camilla grew up on a country estate and was educated in London.

The queen consort was born into an affluent family in 1947 and her father was an army major and wine merchant who married an aristocrat.

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Queen Elizabeth ended all debate about how Camilla should be known once her eldest son Charles became king on the eve of the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

After gradually overcoming public opposition that lasted years, Camilla has taken on the role with a minimum of fuss.

Following a long-running love affair that was at times adulterous, Charles and Camilla finally married in 2005.

Blaming Camilla for the failure of Charles’s first marriage to Diana, Britons expressed their dislike for her after the couple separated.

Her approval rating has hugely improved although she is not topping polls of the most popular royals.

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