Queen Elizabeth II: A peek into her dinner table quirks


The queen, who was well known for her traditional palate and fondness of straightforward British cuisine, used to adhere to a set mealtime routine with menus prepared and printed in French, her native language. What about some of her strangest dinnertime customs, though? Here, we’ve compiled some of the most surprising remarks made regarding Her Majesty’s peculiar eating habits by previous royal chefs.

Garlic is prohibited

It is common knowledge that the Royals never consume garlic. The Duchess of Cornwall earlier stated during a guest appearance on MasterChef Australia that it was a “no-no” in addition to Her Majesty not liking the taste.

When asked if it had to do with meeting people politely on royal engagements, Camilla agreed and made the quip, “you always have to lay off the garlic.”

Bananas being consumed with a knife and fork

The way Queen Elizabeth ate bananas was perhaps one of the weirdest tidbits about her eating habits.

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Her Majesty ate them with a knife and fork to avoid appearing “like a monkey” at the dinner table, as reported by the Hello magazine. She reportedly uses a knife to cut the top and bottom of the fruit before slicing it into small pieces and eating it with utensils.

Cake on the go!

It’s believed that the Queen enjoyed a little slice of chocolate biscuit cake every day as a snack. So, a cake tin followed her everywhere she went!

“The biscuit cake in a tin used to rest on my knee when I rode the train from London to Windsor Castle. The food had been consumed in part,” as reported by the Huffington Post.

No carbohydrates during dinner

Perhaps Queen Elizabeth’s healthy, low-carb meal routine was the key to her long reign. When dining alone, the queen never consumed starches. So pasta, potatoes, and rice were off-limits. We wish we had the control!

Dining table protocol

Dinner companions were to echo the Queen’s behaviour throughout the meal. Therefore, if the monarch stops eating, everyone else must do the same. That would undoubtedly make one a quick eater!

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