Putin’s mobilisation chief found dead under ‘suspicious circumstances’


The person in control of Vladimir Putin’s disastrous mobilisation effort in Ukraine has been discovered dead under “suspicious” circumstances.

Lt. Col. Roman Malyk (49), a military commissar, was found dead at his residence in a village in the Primorsky region of Russia. 

As per some reports, he died from hanging. 

Police in Russia have started a murder investigation but have not ruled out suicide.

His “suspicious” death follows a string of assaults on mobilisation offices across Russia.

As resentment over enlistment brewed across the nation, as many as 70 offices have been attacked with Molotov cocktails.

Fury over mobilisation officials’ alleged rule-breaking forced recruitment of men with little to no training is growing.

Teams of armed enlistment officers working with the police have been robbing men in offices, on the street, and in subway trains in Russian cities, said a reported by The Mirror.

Amid Putin’s demand for an additional 80,000 men to bring the overall number of recruits for the initial stage of enrollment to 300,000, Russia has increased security for mobilisation teams and enlistment offices.

Numerous men have fled to foreign countries as a result of the mobilisation, protesting Putin by voting with their feet.

Friends and family vehemently rejected that Malyk, a veteran of Russia’s conflict in Chechnya, committed suicide.

He was in charge of recruiting in the Partizan district and its adjacent areas in the Primorsky region.

Friends referred about Malyk as a “strong and courageous man” who was “not broken by the weight of severe military events and huge losses” in Chechnya.


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