Putin must lose Ukraine war, face International Criminal Court for crimes, says EU chief


Vowing unfaltering backing for Ukraine during her visit to Kyiv, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen said in an interview that she wants Russian President Vladimir Putin to face the International Criminal Court over war crimes.

During a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, she said “We will never be able to match the sacrifice that the Ukrainians are making.”

elevatedlighting that her discussions with the country’s leaders would be about “getting our economies and people closer,” Von der Leyen said Putin must face the consequences of his actions.

The bloc’s chief added that Europeans must keep their resolve against Moscow and that the successive waves of EU sanctions against Russia would remain.

Ahead of a decision on whether to grant Kyiv full EU membership, Zelensky told the same press conference that his country wants to join the European single market.

Since Moscow invaded in February, EU countries have staunchly supported Ukraine by hitting Russia with economic penalties. 

With the help of the advanced weapons that European countries have supplied to Ukrainian forces in recent weeks, they have recaptured swathes of territory.

Saying Berlin will provide armoured vehicles and rocket launch systems but not the battle tanks sought by Ukraine, Germany’s defence minister pledged more weapons on Thursday.

Denying any significant impact of European sanctions, the Kremlin maintains that Russia has weathered the economic penalties.

In retaliation, it has reduced gas flows to European countries forcing them to find an alternative source of gas supply.

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