Probably Doppelgangers Twins have DNA in common

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Researchers have conducted a new study on doppelgangers. The study has shown astonishing results. As per these results, there is a high possibility that doppelgangers twins have DNA in common.

The concept of Doppelgangers:

We always hear news about finding a doppelganger of a renowned celebrity, and he or she soon becomes famous. The doppelganger term is used to describe a person who looks similar to the other person. In other words, the persons are virtual twins. They are not in relationships but have similar facial features. But according to the new study, the doppelgangers twins have common DNA probably.

You can have your doppelganger in some other part of the world where you or your ancestor have never been. Still, you both share striking similarities in the looks.

Sometimes doppelgangers give a hard time to facial recognition applications as it is extremely tough to differentiate between the two. So what makes two faces so similar without having any sort of relation? It is probably the common DNA. They have similarities in their genes. Some even share common lifestyles, common behavioral patterns, and other body traits.

The Research on Doppelgangers Twins:

The concept of doppelgangers always has amazed scientists. Now, some researchers in Spain have tried to go into the depth of doppelgangers’ twins’ resemblance.

For the study, the researchers chose such doppelgangers twins having European origin who did not have any ancestral connection for the last 100 years. Thirty-two doppelgangers pairs were selected for the project. Out of these 32 pairs, the facial recognition applications determined that 16 pairs were totally identical twins, whereas the other 16 pairs were not.

After this, the DNAs of totally identical pairs were tested. And the researchers found that these pairs of doppelgangers twins have similar DNA.

Researchers were still trying to find out what differentiates doppelgangers twins from each other. Then they conducted a study of microbiomes of the totally identical pairs. And they found that these microorganisms were not similar and made the doppelgangers twins different from each other.

The study about doppelgangers has been published in the journal ‘Cell Reports.’ The sample size of the study was not big enough to establish the theory that all doppelgangers twins share common DNA. It just gives some possibility. Further study is still required.

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