Prisoner on Death Row to be Executed by Alabama using Nitrogen Hypoxia


A prisoner in Alabama is facing a death sentence and is going to be executed by using nitrogen hypoxia. Although this technique got approval in 2018, it has never been tried or tested so far. Apart from Oklahoma and Mississippi, Alabama is the third state that has allowed the use of this method.

How execution by Nitrogen Hypoxia works?

When a prisoner is executed by giving nitrogen hypoxia, he is forced to breathe only nitrogen, and his body starts getting deprived of oxygen. As the body does not get enough amount of oxygen to survive, the person ultimately dies.

Who is the prisoner on death row, and why he chose Nitrogen Hypoxia as the execution method?

The prisoner on death row is Alan Miller. He is a murder convict. He killed three persons in 1999 in Birmingham, Alabama. They were at their job at the time of the killing.

The death sentence for Alan Miller is due in next week on the 22nd of September. When the sentence was announced, he chose to be executed by using nitrogen hypoxia. He did not want to die with lethal injection as he feared needles. But the corrections officers somehow lost the related documents. Due to this, Alan is due to be executed using lethal injection.

What lies next for Alan Miller?

Alan was all set to appeal against death by lethal injection. But now, as per the authorities, there are high chances that the execution of the death row convict with the use of nitrogen hypoxia can be taken out next week.

The concerned officials are planning the method with which the technique will be implemented. It is possible that a face mask will be used to cover Alan’s nose and mouth. However, the green signal on the procedure will be given by Corrections Commissioner John Hamm.

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