Posing as a Rothschild heiress, a Ukrainian woman infiltrated Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home


Currently embroiled in a back-and-forth tango with the FBI over mishandling of potentially sensitive classified documents, former President Donald Trump’s problems do not seem to end. Reportedly, it has been revealed that a Ukrainian woman, claiming to be the heiress of the super-rich Rothschild family, visited Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, resort cum home multiple times, mingling with him and several high-profile guests, all under a fake identity.

As per a probe launched by the FBI, the woman named Inna Yashchyshyn, 33, claimed to be Anna de Rothschild, while gaining entry into the resort. However, the scammer is the daughter of a truck driver named Oleksandr Yaschysyn who lives in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

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Reportedly, Inna first entered Trump’s property in 2021 using forged IDs, including US passports, and multiple driver’s licences and managed to work her way up the socialite ladder of Florida. FBI stated that Inna managed to get a photograph with the former President, a day after she infiltrated his resort.

However, the FBI refused to elaborate further regarding the extent of its probe and if Inna was being questioned in connection with the papers.

“To maintain the operational integrity of our work, we are unable to comment specifically concerning the means, methods or resources used to conduct our protective operations,” Steven Kopek, an FBI special agent and spokesman, was quoted as saying.

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Not only is Inna being investigated for forging identities and infiltrating a place where sensitive classified Presidential information remained, but she is also being probed over a shady charity, whose reins she held. 

Reportedly, Inna was the president of United Hearts of Mercy, an NGO, founded by a Florida-based Russian businessman called Valery Tarasenk. However, the authorities believe that it was actually a front for organized crime.

unkindwhile, Inna’s former husband Sergey Golubev, a Russian-born US citizen, who married her in 2011, said that they only got married so she could obtain US residence and stay in the country. 

“At some point, she needed a green card,” Golubev was quoted as saying by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

However, it remains unclear why Inna wanted a green card when her father was already a US citizen. 

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