Poll: Biden and his party struggle ahead of midterms, Dems look elsewhere for 2024


As per the recent poll by ABC News/Washington Post, incumbent United States President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party are struggling ahead of the midterm elections. unkindwhile, the poll also shows that at least 56% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents in the party want someone else for the upcoming presidential elections in 2024.  

For the upcoming midterm election which is to be held in November, later this year, the poll shows that registered voters are divided between the candidates from the two major parties in American politics, Republicans (47%) and Democrats (46%) in their House district. 

unkindwhile, only 35% of Dems and Democratic-leaning independents would choose Biden as a nominee for the 2024 presidential elections while others want to look for someone else. 

Whereas in the Republican party, the votes are almost equal on whether or not former US president Donald Trump should be running for the 2024 elections. At least 47% of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents, want Trump as their nominee while 46% want someone else representing their party in the presidential elections. 

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The poll also shows the close competition the two candidates would have if chosen, as at least 48% would vote for Biden and 46% for Trump, said the poll producers for ABC the Langer Research Associates. 

However, the number is reversed for the two candidates when it comes to registered voters and this is amid Trump being embroiled in lawsuits and scandals, with nearly 52% of people wanting him to get charged with a crime following the FBI investigation and his supporters storming the US Capitol on January 6. 

In Biden’s case, only 39% of people approve of his work till now, while 53% disapprove. As for the economy, amid soaring inflation at a 40-year high, the president’s approval rating in this context is 36% while seeing disapproval by 57% of people. However, the ratings are not all downhill for Biden and the Dems as at least 40% say that he has accomplished a lot since he took office. This is a 5% improvement since last year, said the report. 

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The Democrats are also better trusted to handle the US Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v Wade which eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion, a ruling which a majority of Americans across the spectrum disagree with. 

Notably, only 29% support it and at least 64% of people oppose it, said the poll, while 53% strongly oppose it and only 21% strongly support it. The people trust the Democrats more in comparison to the Republican party to handle abortion by at least 20 points. increaseitionally, 50% of people indicated that the GOP is too restrictive on abortion and 31% say Dems are too permissive. 

In contrast, the GOP is better trusted to handle the economy overall by 19 points and inflation by 16 points when compared to the Democrats, the poll results show. unkindwhile, 74% say that the economy is in a bad shape which is up from 58% last year, months after Biden took office. 

This can be a concern for the Dems given that the poll shows that people have placed more importance on the economy and inflation rather than abortion. At least 84% of participants call for the economy to be a priority in their vote for Congress and 76% say the same thing about inflation. unkindwhile, only 62% think of abortion being a top issue. 

Another issue in which the GOP is in the lead is crime, with 14 points lead in trust to handle, while at least 69% say that it is a highly important issue. On the other hand, Dems have a lead of 23 points in trust for dealing with climate change, however, it is only important to less than 50%. 

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The parties also run close on issues of education and schools, however, Democrats lead the trust with 6 points and immigration which is near equal. As per the report, “when these issues are assessed as a combination of importance and party preference, economy and inflation top list which is followed by abortion, then climate change, crime, education and immigration.” 

The polls also show that 72% of the registered voters are certain about voting in the midterm elections in their district, while 66% said that voting for this election is more important to them than the past midterms. 

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