‘Pink Sauce Recipe’ Trend on TikTok Facing Criticism

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A new trend is doing rounds on the famous social media platform. The pink sauce recipe TikTok trend has gone viral. The condiment is making news as well for not being safe.

The TikTok videos of the pink sauce recipe show the sauce being applied to chicken wings, shrimp, and gyros. The people are loving this sauce. But a certain group of people is also asking questions about the sauce being good for health.

The pink sauce looks a bit different from the sauces we have always used. Carly Pii, known as Chef Pii, has prepared this sauce. She is a private chef from Miami and also a TikTok user.

The price of the sauce is fixed at $20 and weighs 444 grams in 30 servings. If you are too obsessed with the pink sauce recipe, then you can buy it from the website ThePinkSauce.com.

You must be wondering what the sauce contains!! Well, it has sunflower seed oil, raw honey, dragon fruit, garlic, and chili pepper.

As far as its taste is concerned, people have posted their experiences after tasting it. One user posted a video on TikTok and mentioned that the sauce tastes spicy, sweet, and a bit ranch. He also said that he did not face any side effects of the pink sauce.

Pii created the video of the pink sauce recipe and posted it on TikTok. And in no time, the pink sauce video went viral. People are watching it out of curiosity. Till now, the pink sauce video has received more than 90 million views.

People, who have bought this pink sauce, have found certain issues. The label of the bottle mentioned 444 servings instead of 444 grams. The sauce’s color and consistency also differ. Some customers also have complaints about the way it is packaged and delivered as they received damaged bottles with sauce leaked.

Now let us look into the safety concerns. The TikTok famous pink sauce recipe is currently going through lab tests and needs approval for selling. This means the sauce needs FDA approval yet. Therefore, there are doubts regarding the safety of the sauce.

Brigette Joseph has advised people not to go for the pink sauce until it is approved by FDA. Joseph is a food safety expert. He also said that people fall ill after consuming the sauce as it contains raw honey and raw honey is not suitable for all. It can cause food poisoning.

In spite of all issues, the 29-year-old creator of the sauce is defending her condiment. She says that her product is completely safe and legal as she prepares it in a facility approved by FDA. She has always been using this sauce for the last year as a topping for snacks she used to sell to the clients, and none of her clients fell sick after consumption. She has started selling it just now. In one video, she mentioned that she uses mayonnaise to thicken the sauce.

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