Pflugerville ISD Middle School Teacher Fired Over Inappropriate Comments


A Pflugerville ISD Middle School teacher has been fired by the school district after he was found guilty of passing inappropriate comments. The school administration has not named the teacher yet.

The incident that happened at Pflugerville ISD Middle School:

Reportedly the incident happened during a Bohls Middle School class being taken by the alleged teacher. The teacher passed some racist comments which were inappropriate.

The incident came to the limelight on 11th November. A video footage of the incident is also available with the school administration. The teacher can be heard saying that he considers his race as the superior one. The fired teacher is white.

This all happened last week when a student of the 8th class, Rhema Benjamin, entered the classroom by wearing a shirt with a BLM sticker on it. When the teacher saw the sticker on his shirt, he said that he could not attend class wearing this shirt. He also asked the student to take off his shirt. From this point, things turned bad and arguments started.

Action taken by Pflugerville ISD Middle School:

The Pflugerville ISD Middle School superintendent Dr. Douglas Killian has given a written apology to the students and the parents for the incident and for the sharing of the video on social media platforms without the knowledge and consent of the students and their parents.

In the apology letter, dated 14th November, he also mentioned that the school administration has taken immediate and appropriate action against the teacher. The teacher has been put on administrative leave with immediate effect. He further added that such actions will never be allowed in the school.

The letter is available at the given link.

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