‘Peru React’: Thousands of Peruvians took to streets, demanding resignation of President Castillo 


Thousands of Peruvians took to streets across the country on Saturday (November 5) demanding the resignation of the leftist President Pedro Castillo.

Moving towards the capital city Lima, people carried the country’s national flag vertically with anti-government signs and slogans. The march was named ‘Peru Reacts,’ Reuters reported. 

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One of the protesters, Maria del Pilar Blancas said, “I come for my children, for my grandchildren, because this government is becoming hell. They want us to become one more Venezuela.”

Several pictures and videos televised by local and state channels similar protests were also conducted in other towns across the nation, such as Arequipa, Chiclayo, Cusco, and Trujillo.

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One of the march organisers said that people see a government involved in corruption and Congress doesn’t react. 

The president who took office last year in July is under probe over corruption charges. He has already survived two impeachment attempts. 

The opposition leaders seek a new trial against the president, though it will not gather enough support. 

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The right-wing opposition hopes that a constitutional complaint against the leftist president filed to Congress in October by the attorney general would result in his removal from office. 

The leftist president has called people opposing him or his government “reactionaries” and “the enemies of the people.”

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