‘One in a million’: 19-year-old woman gives birth to twins with different biological dads


This woman’s conception is one in a million. A 19-year-old woman gave birth to twins, but their biological fathers are different. Although this event is astounding, it is quite possible.

This is known as heteropaternal superfecundation, which occurs when a second ova released during the menstrual cycle is fertilised by the sperm cells of a different man in separate sexual intercourse, according to the journal Biomedica.

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Nine months after engaging in sexual activity with two men on the same day, the woman gave birth to twins. She decided to take a paternity test to validate her suspicions as their first birthday approached since she started to question their father. The woman considered one man to be the father, so she gathered his DNA. However, only one child’s DNA was matched. 

The mother, in conversation with Globo, said, “I remembered that I had sex with another man and called him to take the test, which was positive.” She further added, “I was surprised by the results. I didn’t know this could happen. They are very similar.”

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The woman’s physician Dr. Tulio Franco said it is feasible for this to occur when two eggs from the same mother are fertilised by different males. The doctor added that the kids have the same genetic structure as their mother’s. He said that he never anticipated seeing a circumstance like this in his lifetime, in which there are only 20 other occurrences in the world.

The mother said that just one of the fathers is presently responsible for raising the 16-month-old children.

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