One dead, another swimmer missing near Jaws Bridge in Martha Vineyard


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In an unfortunate incident on late Sunday night near Jaws Bridge in Martha Vineyard, some co-workers jumped off the bridge along with seven others. One of them has been found dead by the search team, while the other is still missing.

On Sunday night, four co-workers jumped off the Big Bridge, also called Jaws Bridge, in Martha Vineyard. Among them, two were brothers.

They worked on the island as summer workers in a local restaurant and lived in Oak Bluffs, which is at one end of the bridge. Their identities could not be confirmed yet. Although a Jamaican news outlet has revealed their identities as Jamaican nationals, confirmation by the authorities is pending.

The search operation started on Sunday night at Jaws Bridge in Martha Vineyard and continued for 14 continuous hours. During the search, they found two uninjured persons. And on Monday morning at 6:30, the dead body of one brother was located in Sengekontacket Pond. He was 26-year-old, while his 21-year-old younger brother is still missing. He is presumed to be dead.

The Big Bridge is a famous tourist attraction on the island. It is also named Jaws Bridge because the shooting of the movie ‘Jaws’ was done here. It connects Edgartown with Oak Bluffs. The water under the bridge is not safe for swimming due to the presence of a strong current. The authorities have put up a sign for no jumping and no diving, but people do not pay any attention.

The search team consists of the U.S. Coast Guard, emergency responders of Martha’s Vineyard, and the State Police of Massachusetts. The video of a search helicopter doing rounds of the area has been shared on Twitter. The search operation was halted on Monday evening and will restart on Tuesday morning.

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