Oberlin College vs. Gibson Bakery Settlement Case: College Pays The Settlement Amount


Oberlin College was facing the charges of defaming the Ohio local business Gibson bakery by calling it racist. A defamation case was filed against the college.

The jury passed the judgment and ordered the college to pay $36.5 million as compensation for defamation. This money includes the legal fee charges and interest amount.

Now, abiding by the orders, Oberlin college has paid the defamation charges to Gibson Bakery.

The Oberlin College vs. Gibson Bakery Case:

In an incident that happened in November 2016, three black students visited the Gibson bakery. One was male, and two were female. They stole a wine bottle from the bakery and ran away. David Gibson, who is the son of the owner Allyn Gibson ran after them and ultimately caught them.

The culprits were handed over to the police. Later on, they accepted the shoplifting charges. After the arrest, protests were held outside the bakery. Meredith Raimondo, who is the former dean of students at Oberlin College, was the person who led the attack on Gibson bakery. She even went to the bakery and accused the owners publicly of being racist.

The college authorities also ordered its campus food provider not to buy anything from the bakery in order to teach the bakery a lesson.

Allyn and David, both no more now, filed the defamation case against the college in 2017 as the false allegations were harming their business.

The Oberlin College vs. Gibson Bakery Case Settlement:

Representatives of Oberlin college have said that even though college authorities were not happy with the decision, they would go by the orders and pay the settlement amount without affecting the academics.

Raimondo works at Oglethorpe Liberal Arts College, Atlanta, and has not spoken anything on the judgment.

The Gibson family fought for five years and, in the end, tasted victory on April 1st, 2022. ‘Truth still matters, and David has overcome Goliath,’ said Brandon McHugh, who is the lawyer for the Gibson bakery owners.

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