North Korea tests another ballistic missile into sea, says South Korea


North Korea has fired an unidentified ballistic missile into the sea off the eastern side of the Korean peninsula, according to the South Korean military. Reuters reported on Thursday that the launch took place as part of the ongoing show of power from Pyongyang amidst a tussle with South Korea.

Earlier in the day, South Korea scrambled fighter jets which were travelling near the border of the two countries. The South Korean military issued warnings to the ten North Korean aircrafts passing through the area and then, ended up scrambling them as part of their defense response.

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No other detail was provided by South Korea’s connectt Chiefs of Staff (JCS) but they made it clear once again that no aggression will be tolerated from North Korea, and they will respond to the attacks.

In the recent past, North Korea has tested several ballistic missiles while South Korea has held military drills along with the United States. The testing intensified after the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris who once again confirmed their support for South Korea in the ongoing conflict.

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On Thursday, North Korea’s official media channel – KCNA news agency – carried a statement from the military who said that the launches were “strong military countermeasures” after the attack by South Korea on the military aircrafts.

In response, the JCS said the South Korean air force “conducted an emergency sortie with its superior air force, including the F-35A, and maintained a response posture, while carrying out a proportional response maneuver corresponding to the flight of a North Korean military aircraft.”

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