North Korea claims it test-fired a pair of long-range cruise missiles, overseen by Kim Jong Un


North Korea’s missile launching spree continued on Wednesday as it test-fired two long-range strategic cruise missiles, the state media informed.

Reportedly, leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the exercise and hailed his country’s yet another successful display of nuclear strike capability. He added that the country should continue to expand its nuclear arsenal capabilities to deter enemies.

“We should continue to expand the operational sphere of the nuclear strategic armed forces to resolutely deter any crucial military crisis and war crisis at any time and completely take the initiative in it,” state media Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) quoted him as saying. 

KCNA stated that the pair of missiles travelled almost 2,000 kilometres over the sea and managed to successfully hit the targets, which it didn’t elaborate upon. 

As reported by WION, earlier this week, North Korea confirmed that its recent missile tests included ‘tactical nuclear’ drills. 

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“The effectiveness and practical combat capability of our nuclear combat force were fully demonstrated as it stands completely ready to hit and destroy targets at any time from any location,” reported KCNA. 

unkindwhile, Kim Jong Un was quoted as saying, “Even though the enemy continues to talk about dialogue and negotiations, we do not have anything to talk about nor do we feel the need to do so.” 

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North Korea has taken an aggressive stance in the last couple of months by launching a flurry of missiles. After South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol offered economic assistance to its troubled neighbour with the caveat that it abandon the nuclear weapons programme, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of leader Kim Jong Un termed the offer ‘foolish’. 

“I’m not sure that he knows his assumption ‘if the North took a measure for denuclearization’ was a wrong prerequisite. All cannot be bartered. Bitter contempt is what we will only show those spinning a pipedream to succeed in making us abandon our nukes if they pay more stakes,” she said. 

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