No Nut November 2022: What are the Rules?


A challenge ‘No Nut November’ (NNN) is making rounds on the internet. So, what is it and what are the rules for it?

Earlier the challenge ‘No Shave November’ became popular which means that men can not shave their moustaches and they have to grow them during this month. Another challenge ‘No Nut November’ is also trending a lot. Lots of memes are being circulated.

No Nut November 2022: What is this?

This challenge is a yearly challenge. It started in 2011 on Reddit but gathered fame in 2017.

Anyone new to this challenge name may think that it means ‘I can’t have peanuts all of November.’ But this is something else and not related to nuts at all.

‘No Nut November 2022’ challenges the men and asks them not to touch themselves, in other words ‘busting a nut.’ It is related to having self-sexual pleasure. So ‘No Nut November 2022’ means that men should practice abstinence from sex, ejaculation, and masturbation.

A lot of willpower, courage, and strength is required to be a part of this challenge.

What are the Rules for ‘No Nut November 2022’?

The complete list of rules is available on Some are listed here:

  • A man cannot touch himself for having sexual pleasure.
  • A man cannot have sex with a partner.
  • A man can watch adult images and videos but cannot nut.
  • A man can have only one wet dream

These are some of the rules that need to be followed and if any of these is broken, then the man is out of the challenge. If you complete this challenge then you are a victor and can qualify for ‘Destroy Dick December.’

The NNN Pass:

However, the men have been given one time pass for this month. This pass is called No Nut Pass. According to this, the man is allowed to go nut just once during this month. And he has to get this pass from some woman and too with proof. After using this pass, the man can continue the challenge.

Who are free from the challenge?

The men, who are born in the month of November, do not have any need to go by the rules of ‘No Nut November 2022.’ They can live their lives normally.

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