Nine arrested in international operation against Serbian drug network


In a worldwide operation against a Serbian drug network on Saturday that resulted in the arrest of nine individuals, Belgian officials seized almost 115 kilogrammes of cocaine, according to the prosecution. 

The raid took place in a warehouse in the city of Arlon in Belgium’s southeast, where the suspects were discovered trying to conceal cocaine for export under concrete slabs, according to a statement from Belgian prosecutors. 

As per the statement, five of the prisoners were taken into custody in Belgium, two in the Netherlands, one in Luxembourg, and another in Serbia.

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103 parcels totalling 115 kilos (254 pounds) and valued at 11.5 million euros ($12 million) were seized by law authorities. 

Nearly 100 police officers participated in simultaneous searches in Serbia, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands as part of an operation to find a “Serbian criminal organisation active in the international cocaine trade,” according to the prosecutors.

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