New UK PM Truss & Joe Biden discuss issues including the Ukrainian war & Northern Ireland in first call 


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Hours after Liz Truss became the new British Prime Minister, US President Joe Biden, in a telephone conversation, congratulated her on the victory. Both leaders pledged to strengthen ties between both nations as they stand against Russia together.



Biden and Truss talked about strengthening the relationship between both countries, cooperating on NATO and the US-Australia-UK agreement.

The White House, in a statement, said that both the leaders in the call focused on sustaining energy resources, challenges possessed by China, deterring Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, reaching a negotiated agreement on the Northern Ireland Protocol, and helping Ukraine in its war against Russia.

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The former UK prime minister Boris Johnson got along well together with Biden. The same is the expectation with Truss, but the only obstacle to achieving this could be regarding “Northern Ireland.”

The UK’s new PM, being a member of parliament, presented legislation to repeal the Northern Ireland Protocol, a part of Britain’s withdrawal agreement from the European Union.

However, US President Joe Biden has insisted that Britain take no action that may damage 25 years of peace in Northern Ireland, AFP reported.

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The White House statement said both leaders “discussed their shared commitment to protecting the gains of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and the importance of reaching a negotiated agreement with the European Union on the Northern Ireland Protocol,” Reuters reported.

Despite tensions between then-President Donald Trump and then-Prime Minister Theresa May, both Truss and Biden claimed that the US-UK special relationship has remained strong in recent years. 

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