NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Rocket Launch, All Set for Second Attempt

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As we all know that NASA’s test mission of sending its crewless rocket to the moon to detect the presence of ice cubes at the surface.

On 29th August, NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Rocket launch test mission could not succeed. The first attempt failed due to some technical issues. But now, NASA is all set for the second attempt.

During the first attempt, the problem happened when the launch controllers could not cool down the four RS-25 engines. Also, one of the engines has more temperature as compared to the other three.

All the analyses are being done, and hardware issues are being checked to find out and remove the flaws that made the launch an unsuccessful one.

The second attempt for NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Rocket launch will take place on the 3rd of September at 2:17 p.m. (EDT). The length of the launch window has been fixed at two hours.

Here are some points related to NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Rocket launch mission:

Purpose of the Mission:

The developed countries are in the race to explore the universe. America’s main rival is China. So, apart from detecting ice presence on the lunar surface, NASA wants to explore the surface of the moon before China does it.

Role of Private Players:

Private companies have always played an important part in such missions. This time the deal is with Space X. According to the deal, the company will provide a lunar lander as well as a large launch vehicle at affordable rates.

The delay in launch and the cost involved:

When NASA started this program, it was expected to be completed within five years at the cost of $20 billion. But it actually took twelve years, and its cost reached $43 billion.

When and where to watch NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Rocket launch:

The second attempt to launch the moon rocket will be made this Saturday.
The live telecast of the launch event will be available on NASA’s website-

You can also download the NASA app to watch the event. Download the app from this link

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