NASA prepares for third attempt at launching its mega Moon rocket Artemis 1


After two failed attempts, NASA will take another go at launching its new mega Moon rocket mission Artemis 1 on Wednesday. 

The first launch of the Space Launch System rocket which is touted as the “most powerful ever designed by NASA” will happen from Florida and will take place on Wednesday at 1:04 am local time (0604 GMT). The possible launch window as per AFP is of two hours.

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If needed the space agency has also kept two fallback dates: November 19 and 25. 

The takeoff is scheduled for less than a week after Hurricane Nicole battered the rocket on its launch pad. 

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Officials are evaluating the risk of damage to a thin strip of “caulk-like material” known as RTV, which makes the rocket more aerodynamic and is located at its top. They are evaluating whether it can shake loose and create problems for the launch.

Mike Sarafin, in charge of the mission, says he’s optimistic and feels “good headed into this attempt”.

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As per weather forecasts, the weather on the day of the launch will be mild with 90 per cent favourable conditions during the launch window. As per AFP, the launch is expected to attract a crowd of 100,000 people.

The two earlier launches were cancelled due to technical reasons; the first was related to a faulty sensor, and the second was related to a fuel leak.

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