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NASA gets ready for New Moon Rocket Launch

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NASA is all set to launch the new Moon Rocket. The new Moon Rocket Launch mission is to take humans to the moon once again. The test mission will begin on the 29th of August when the rocket is launched from Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy Center.

The Space Launch System (SLS) will be used by NASA for Moon Rocket Launch. SLS is a 98-meter-long rocket and has reached the launch center of Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It has the capability of carrying both the astronauts and the supplies in a single take.

During the test mission, NASA will use three mannequins inside the crew capsule. No human will be sent on the test mission. This test mission has been named Artemis 1. Orion spacecraft will be sent inside the SLS that will revolve around the moon.

There will also be payloads, like CubeSat, which will help in experiments. CubeSat is like a box with a 14 kg weight.

The Moon Rocket Launch test mission will continue for 4 to 6 weeks. During the mission, the scientists will try to find ice on the lunar surface.

If they are able to find ice, then it will become useful in upcoming missions as drinking water, to reduce the temperatures of equipment, and to prepare rocket fuel. That is why NASA has named CubeSat Lunar IceCube. Apart from finding ice, scientists will also study the exosphere in the atmosphere of the moon.

If the test mission remains successful, then NASA will send the astronauts by 2025.

The live coverage of the mission will be available on the NASA TV channel, NASA’s app, and its website. Various celebrities will be part of the launch event, like Jack Black, Keke Palmer, and Chris Evans. Josh Groban and Herbie Hancock will also perform at the event.

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