MrBeast Burger Opens at American Dream Mall !!

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Mrbeast Burger American Dream Mall: After making a big name on YouTube, MrBeast starts his restaurant at the American Dream Mall this Sunday. The restaurant has been named as MrBeast Burgers. The restaurant is situated on the 3rd floor of the mall.

MrBeast is a famous YouTuber, and his real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He started to sell burgers online in 2020, and this is his first physical restaurant. Apart from this, he is also a social activist.

Earlier, MrBeast did not have his own place to prepare and sell burgers. The burgers were made in ghost kitchens and were sold through third-party app services. The ghost kitchen is the kitchen that is owned by someone else, and its portion is rented to you to prepare your food.

The MrBeast Burger restaurant will offer two kinds of burgers- Beast Style and Chandler Style. These burgers are quite thin, with a bun having crispy patties with American cheese. The Beast Style burger adds up to the taste by adding other things, like pickles, white onion slices, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, and mustard. The burger is accompanied by fries.

On the opening of the restaurant, the fans thronged the mall. It was jam-packed. People were wearing t-shirts by MrBeast. Some were also holding signs showing their love for MrBeast.

A YouTuber from Nebraska, Victor Galvin, graced the occasion with his presence. He reached there with his friends after driving for 22 hours. He also gifted a statue to MrBeast.

The happiness of MrBeast reached the seventh sky when he noticed such a huge welcoming response from his fans. He was running here and there to serve his customers.

MrBeast’s stunt videos on YouTube have already made him famous, and now this burger chain is surely going to get him more popularity if he keeps on providing the best quality services to his customers.

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