Mr. Happy Face, the new winner of the ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ contest

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The judges at the ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ 2022 competition declared Mr. Happy Face as the new winner on Friday. 

The contest was held in Petaluma, California. The winner dog has a crooked head and a hairless body. He is of the Chinese crested-Chihuahua mix breed. 

He is 17-year-old. He won the contest by defeating his nine competitors. The owner received prize money of $1500 and won a trip to New York.

World’s Ugliest Dog 2022

NBC’s Kerry Sanders was one of the five judges.

Janeda Banelly is the proud owner of the winner dog. She is a 41-year-old musician from Arizona. She adopted the dog in August 2021 from a shelter in Arizona. The rescuers had rescued him from a hoarder’s house.

According to the information available on Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds Event Center’s official website, Banelly said that the shelter home told her that Mr. Happy Face was an old-aged dog and would not live for long. 

The dog is suffering from tumors and various other ailments. It is possible that the dog was born through inbreeding. He has almost a month to survive with the help of medications.

Even after knowing all this, Banely decided to bring him home and give him all the love she could. She fell in love with the dog the moment she met him.

One of the dogs at the competition there was a 6-year-old Pekingese dog called ‘Wild Thang.’ The dog looked like fictional Tribble species featured in the series “Star Trek.” He was a runner-up in 2019. This year he won the second position. 

A 12-year-old blue factor Brussels griffon called Monkey won the third position.

Among the other contestant dogs, there were a Mexican hairless dog named Morita and a pair of pugs.

The annual contest shows the importance of adoption and gives the message that every dog is special and lovable.

Most of the dogs, who participate in the contest, are rescued either from shelters or puppy mills.

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