Meta Quest Pro: All you need to know about this VR headset

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There have already been some exciting developments in virtual reality tech, but they’re still relatively early days. Hopefully, we’ll see more exciting things from companies like Meta soon!

The Meta Quest Pro headset is a virtual reality (VR) helmet that works with your mobile phone. It lets you experience a first-person view of the places you explore in the Metaverse or Second Life. This multiplayer game allows people to interact with each other and create virtual worlds.

The Meta Quest Pro headset is designed for those who want to play games online or explore their creations using VR technology. The device was created by Facebook, which had invested heavily in this field since 2014 when they acquired Oculus VR Inc., which makes headsets like this, and other products such as Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Metaquest Pro headset is designed to merge the digital and physical world

The Metaquest Pro headset is designed to merge the digital and physical worlds. It uses a 6DoF controller and hand, gesture, and eye-tracking software. Users see a 3D image of their actual hands in the headset, allowing them to interact with virtual objects in real time.

The headset will use a 6DoF controller.

The 6DoF controller is a 3D controller that can track the user’s hands, head, and body. It also has built-in position-tracking sensors that can detect where you’re looking in real time. This means that games will be able to respond to your movements as if they were occurring in real life—for example, if you look down at your feet and then climb over something (or someone), the game will automatically adjust accordingly without any additional input from you.

The 6DoF controller uses an array of infrared LEDs and cameras placed around its base area; this allows it to track precise object positions within its field of view up until 100 meters away!

The headset uses hand, gesture, and eye-tracking software

The hand-tracking system uses software to track user movements and actions. This system allows users to see their hands in the headset and interact with objects in virtual reality.

The company also uses the gaze tracking system to determine where you’re looking at any time. In other words, if someone else is talking about something important and you want to look over there instead of at him or her, just move your eyes slowly as if they were real eyes (or whatever). You’ll see what I mean when I say “you’ll be able to turn away from” because it’s very easy!

Users see a 3D image of their actual hands in the headset

The Meta will have a high-definition camera mounted on its headset, capturing images from both eyes and hands. This allows the device to track your movements in addition to scanning for gestures, such as pointing or waving.

The experience sets this headset apart from others like it: users see a 3D image of their actual hands in VR (viewable through eye tracking). This means that when you’re playing games or watching movies with friends, you can have them all around you without needing any additional hardware like motion controllers or even having an extra monitor hooked up so that they can interact with each other while sitting right next to them!


The Metaquest Pro headset is a step forward in the world of VR. It uses hand, gesture, and eye-tracking software to offer users an immersive experience that blends physical and digital worlds. The company plans to make it available for preorder for USD 1,500.

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