Meet John Fetterman, the man who flipped Pennsylvania for Democrats


Democrat John Fetterman won the crucial Senate race in Pennsylvania, the home state of President Joe Biden of the United States. Fetterman, who had won the support of American celebrity Oprah Winfrey for his run for Senate last week, gave Democrats a significant boost in their effort to retain the majority in the Senate.

“I’m just so proud of the race that we ran,” Fetterman told a group of media persons. 

“This campaign has always been about fighting for everyone who’s ever been got knocked down, that ever got back up,” he was quoted as saying by Wall Street Journal.

Why Fetterman’s win is crucial for Democrats?

In the ageing world of the US Democrats — President Joe Biden (79), Nancy Pelosi (82) — Fetterman, at 53 years of age, finds himself among those uniquely placed Democrat leaders, who have managed to gain a pan-United States political identity for themselves. 

His opposition to the overturning of the Joe Vs. Wade verdict concerning abortion rights earlier this year, gained him new followers among traditional Democrats looking for an alternative amid Joe Biden’s declining popularity. Whereas, his political success in Pennsylvania in breaking the Republican Party’s grip on the white working-class vote, has turned many heads in Washington’s Capitol Hill. 

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As Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, he made legalising marijuana his signature issue and worked in his role as leader of the state Board of Pardons to grant pardons to larger numbers of incarcerated individuals.

Fetterman cut a unique and rather untraditional profile as a politician, becoming famous in the state for wearing gym shorts and a hoodie sweatshirt to public events, rather than the traditional tailored suit and necktie. 

Analysts had expected a close election in Pennsylvania, given the country’s history of nail-baiting presidential contests in recent years. President Joe Biden had won the state in 2020 by less than 1.2 percentage points after his party had lost it by an even smaller margin four years earlier.


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