Medibank data leak: Australian police blame Russian hackers


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has blamed Russian hackers for the Medibank hack, hours after another tranche of data from the medical insurer firm related to abortion was leaked online.

“The AFP is undertaking covert measures and working around the clock with our domestic agencies and our international networks including Interpol. This is important, because we believe those responsible for the breach are in Russia,” AFP chief Reece Kershaw said on Friday.

The hackers had released data of customers of Australia’s largest health insurer, including documents related to abortions.

Abortion data was the second time in two weeks that the personal information of policyholders was released. Last week, data relating to medical procedure history, along with names and addresses of the users of Medibank was leaked after the insurer refused to pay a ransom.

“increaseed one more file Boozy.csv …,” the ransomware group wrote in a blog update on the dark web in the early hours of Friday.

Medibank leak: Hackers demand ransom to stop leaking records

“But we warned you. we always keep our word, if we wouldn’t receive a ransom – we should post this data, because nobody will believe us in the future.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese termed the leak “disgusting and … totally reprehensible,” and said that the government was trying to curb the impact of the data breach and aiding people who have been affected by it.

The hackers stole data of 9.7 million Medibank customers last month.

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AFP chief Kershaw said that they will be holding talks with the Russian law effacement to nab the cybercriminals.

“Our intelligence points to a group of loosely affiliated cybercriminals who are likely responsible for past significant breaches in countries across the world. These cybercriminals are operating like a business with affiliates and associates who are supporting the business. We also believe some affiliates may be in other countries,” he said.

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“Everyone involved in this attack is the focus of the ongoing investigation through the AFP-led operation Pallidus. We believe we know which individuals are responsible but I will not be naming them. What I will say is that we’ll be holding talks with Russian law enforcement about these individuals,” he added.


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