Massive Paperwork Required For Schengen Visa

Massive Paperwork Required For Schengen Visa, Netizens Shocked


Getting a tourist visa can be so difficult!! Yes, it can be.

An image is doing rounds on Twitter. The owner of the picture has shown the massive amount of paperwork required for a Schengen visa. The image has shocked internet users. It seems like pages of a book.

The user who has shared this image is Saptarshi Prakash, and his Twitter handle is @saptarshipr. He is from Bengaluru, India. He posted this image on Saturday, and since then, the image has received 4,500+ likes.

He mentioned in the caption that in order to get a Schengen visa, he had to complete a huge volume of paperwork just to prove that he had enough money to stay and come back to India.

He said that he had to attach the documents related to his bank statements, Income tax returns for the previous three years, and salary payslips along with other proofs.

A Schengen visa is a special kind of visa that is issued by a Schengen State. It gives the visa holder permission to have a short stay in the Schengen area. Schengen area consists of twenty-six countries in Europe. You can visit and have a short stay in countries like France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, etc.

The countries lying in the Schengen area do not have passport requirements at their mutual borders. So the entire comes under the same jurisdiction and has a common visa policy. The short-stay visa is for 90 days.

People are baffled to see so much paperwork required for a Schengen visa. Many have written funny comments as well. Some are comparing it with the Ph.D. thesis and some with a manuscript of some book. One user commented that this bundle of papers looks like on paper record of Swiggy transactions.

Apart from making funny comments, some have shared their sweet and sour experiences of getting a visa as well.

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