Man who went on a ‘shooting spree’ in Memphis, US arrested

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The Memphis police has arrested a 19-year-old black American suspect in relation to multiple shootings, one of which he posted on Facebook. The man had gone on a rampage and opened fire randomly. The first alert warned of an armed and dangerous man who was responsible for multiple shootings. 

People were told to shelter in place, an order that has now been lifted. “Everyone in the area of Ivan Road and Hodge Road shelter in place and stay in the doors,” the order had said.

The suspect has been identified as Ezekiel Kelly and was taken into custody following a major manhunt. He was arrested after he crashed a stolen car.

Earlier, the Memphis Police Department had released an image of Kelly, and said he was in a light blue Infiniti with the rear window busted out. Later he was believed to be in a gray Toyota SUV. 

Fox News reported that at least two shootings were reported as of 7 pm local time–one at a BP gas station and another one that injured a woman. 

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