“Little Miss Memes” Trending on TikTok & Instagram, Why?

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Little Miss Memes Instagram: Last month, American Girl Dolls became part of the meme trend. And now, new cute and sweet cartoon-based memes are doing rounds on social media platforms. These are Little Miss Memes trending on Instagram.

The Little Miss Memes are based on 1990’s cartoons called ‘Mr. Men’ and ‘Little Miss.’ Also, a book series titled ‘Mr. Men’ was released in the 1970s, and a book series titled ‘Little Miss’ was released in the 1980s. Both series were written by Roger Hargreaves. So the meme characters are basically literary characters that have come out of the bookshelves and have become part of the online world.

New meme formats are released on a daily basis. Little Miss Memes is the new format on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter. The cute four-fingered characters are everywhere on the internet.

The first meme under the Little Miss Memes trend on Instagram was created by the handle @juulpuppy. It is the handle of a meme creator. The first post was made on the 19th of April, 2022, and since then, the trend has made the users crazy. The people started creating memes about themselves, their close ones, and even their ex-partners.

You can use this meme by picking a character from the book and replacing the character’s name with a personality characteristic. This trend is being loved by the netizens. People are experimenting with various characters and creating wonderful memes.

The Facebook pages dedicated to San Antonia have also created and shared many Little Miss Memes like Little Miss Fiesta, Little Miss socialite, etc.

The hashtag #LittleMiss is being used while sharing the memes. This hashtag has received more than 41 million views till now.

You can also make Little Miss TikToks

You can even make a TikTok video using your Little Miss or Mr. Men memes. There are plenty of TikToks revolving around this trend as users continue to express themselves and their hidden traits with music playing in the background.

To create your own, just launch the TikTok app, tap on the “+” icon, and select your Little Miss/ Mr. Men meme. Now create a video out of it. You can also keep it as the background and react to it in the video.

After that, use the “Cash In Cash Out” song by Pharrell Williams for your video. It’s the sound that users traditionally use in this trend. You can even pick another one using your creativity.

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