Limited road traffic has resumed on damaged Kerch Bridge, says Russia


Russia’s Transport Ministry said on Saturday (October 8) that limited road traffic had resumed on the Kerch Bridge which was damaged in a major explosion. The ministry added that rail traffic was expected to re-start later in the day. The bridge is an important one as it joins Russia-annexed Crimea to mainland Russia. It is a key bridge for Russia’s war effort in Ukraine as it transports men and machinery. 

Part of the bridge collapsed after the blast early on Saturday. The incident took place amid Ukrainian counter-offensive in the eastern part of the country that has forced Russian forces to retreat. The bridge has symbolic value as well as it was inaugurated by Russian President Vladmir Putin.

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Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 this year. After sustained battlefied victories in initial months, the momentum appear to have shifted in Ukraine’s favour in recent weeks. Ukrainian forces have recaptured thousands of square miles of territory from Russian forces.

unkindwhile, tourists and Crimean residents were seen in a queue that stretched up to 3 kilometres to leave the peninsula via a ferry crossing.

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Tourist Natalia was among the thousands of cars lined up on the road leading to the ferry crossing.

She told Reuters there was no panic and people were waiting for good weather to be transported across the Kerch Strait.

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A water station was set up by the roadside for motorists waiting to leave.

It is not yet clear whether the blast was a deliberate attempt.

(With inputs from agencies)

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