Largest Burmese python captured in Florida

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Florida Burmese Pythons: Conservancy biologists have caught an 18-foot-long and 215-pound heavy Burmese python. The python is female. When biologists caught it, it had 122 eggs inside it. The previous largest catch weighed 185-pounds.

The snake died more than 6-months ago. It was captured last December. National Geographic did an exclusive story on the matter. But nothing was made public till now.

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It is the largest python ever found in Florida’s Everglades. It was caught in Picayune Strand State Forest. The forest is located in Florida’s Collier County. After capturing it, scientists euthanized it using a humane and veterinarian-approved technique.

The team of biologists, led by Wildlife Biologist and Environmental Science Project Manager Ian Bartoszek was able to reach the python with the help of a snake. It is a male “scout” snake that is radio-equipped. Its name is Dion. The biologists use scout snakes to find out breeding places and reproductive females so that they can remove them from the wild.

The carcass of the python will be used for scientific purposes, the tissue samples will be sent to various institutions’ labs, and the skeleton will be used as a teaching tool.

The population of Burmese pythons is increasing day by day in south Florida, and it is affecting other species like rabbits, white-tailed deer, etc. 

The CEO of Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Rob Moher, said that they are trying to save the eco-health system from these predators. They are doing their best to restore Everglades and are spending $16 billion on this research project.

During the last ten years, the Conservancy’s team has removed around 1000 snakes from an area of 100 square miles.

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