Landslide in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde kills at least 11, search and rescue underway


A landslide in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde on Sunday (November 27) killed at least 11 people, who were gathered at a funeral to mourn the deaths of several local people.

Naseri Paul Bea, governor of Cameroon’s Centre region, told state broadcaster CRTV: “We are carrying the corpses to the mortuary of the central hospital, while the search for other people, or corpses, is still ongoing.” 

As per the media reports, people were attending a funeral on a football pitch. Several witnesses told the news agency Reuters that they were present at the base of a 20-metre-high soil embankment, which collapsed on top of them. 

Locals were frantically searching for loved ones as the emergency services were rushed to the site where a tragic incident took place. As per the news agencies, several people in the crowd wept as emergency workers continued their work. 

Locals told the news agency AFP that four large white tents were made on waste ground at the top of a hill as families gathered to attend a funeral. 

The tents were made on the edge of what looked like a ridge, and beyond that, the ground had disappeared. The area was cordoned off by police and the journalists were prevented from getting closer to the scene of the disaster. 


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