LA residents protest against ‘rapid and angry’ street race filming in neighbourhood


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A neighbourhood in Los Angeles that has appeared in the “rapid and angry” films protested against the filming of the newest entry in the series on Friday, claiming the area has been negatively impacted by a wave of dangerous and illegal street racing. 

Residents of Angelino Heights, a historic neighbourhood near downtown Los Angeles, who are home to Vin Diesel’s fictitious Dominic Toretto in the hugely successful, long-running film series, have expressed outrage at this weekend’s planned taping of “rapid X.” 

The films portray the hidden world of street racing and contribute to the spread of customs like “street takeovers,” where spectators assemble, typically at night, to watch automobiles rev their engines and scream through city streets.

Angelino Heights has turned into “a tourist destination for illegal street racing,” according to Damian Kevitt, a local resident and the creator of Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE) because the Hollywood film series “glorifies an illegal activity.” 

There will be three, four, five, or six automobiles passing through here on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings performing burnouts and donuts, according to Kevitt. 

prior “rapid and angry” was filmed in this area, there was no street racing, he said.

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Another neighbour, Bella, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that her children were frightened by the incessant sound of cars outside her home during the night and were now afraid to play outside. 

They had witnessed the moment when a car spins out of control and nearly collides with a pedestrian who is standing on the corner, the woman claimed. 

As per the Los Angeles Police Department, traffic violence has resulted in a 30 per cent spike in fatalities and a 21 per cent increase in serious injuries in Los Angeles over the past year. 

Bella demanded that Universal Pictures relocate any upcoming productions, while SAFE asked the city to put up speed bumps and adopt a zero-tolerance street racing policy.

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