Kiely Rodni Missing Case: Search Operation Halted

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Kiely Rodni Missing: California’s teen-aged girl Kiely Rodni went missing 13 days ago. She was last spotted at a party. The police have halted the proceedings in her case as the partygoers, who were with her, have refused to co-operate.

On the 6th of August, 16-year-old Kiely Rodni went to attend a senior farewell party which was being held at the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee. She was never seen after that. The last time Kiely was seen was at 12:30 a.m. 6th of August. And before disappearing, she also sent a text message to her parents. In the message, she informed them that she was leaving the party and coming home.

The police started questioning the persons who were at the party with Rodni. There were at least 200-300 persons. But they said no to any sort of questioning as they are afraid of being framed for illegal activities. They are youngsters and are under the fear of being expelled from college.

Police officer Angela Musallam assured the attendees that police would keep everything secret and no action would be taken on them for any illegal activity, like drugs, but none of the partygoers was ready to say if he or she saw Kiely Rodni leaving the party before she went missing. Even though there were CCTV cameras on the exits, police have not been able to get any lead.

As per reports, there were also some old-aged persons who were serving the drugs.

Kiely Rodni went to attend the party in her silver-colored Honda CRV. Police could not locate the vehicle. Her phone is also inactive since the time she went missing. The police are also looking at the abduction angle of the case.

The police have investigated her boyfriend, Jagger Westfall as well. He told them that he and Kiely had a small text conversation before she left for the party. And at 10:30 p.m., she sent him one text message. After that, there was no communication between them.

A team of 91 investigators and detectives is doing the investigation the case. But as they are not getting any input from the party attendees, they have decided to stop the search for the time being. Several volunteers are also involved. Even the FBI is involved but still no breakthrough in the case.

The police have released photographs of Kiely and said that she was wearing a white and pink sweatshirt with the caption “Odd Future” written on it. The police may now start an investigation of the background history of the missing Kiely Rodni.

Following identification has been given by the police:

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight115 pounds
Hair colorBlonde
Ears have multiple piercings
CarSilver colored 2013 Honda CRV bearing California license plate No. 8YUR127

If you have any sort of information on Kiely Rodni’s missing case, you can call at 530-581-6320 and press 7. The identity of the callers will be kept confidential.

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