Kiely Rodni Disappearance case: The divers Suspect Foul Play


16-year-old Kiely Rodni from California went missing on the 6th of August. Later on, a team of divers found her body along with her car, a silver 2013 Honda CRV, in a reservoir. The leader of the divers’ team, Doug Bishop, suspects that there was some sort of foul play.

Kiely went to attend a high school party being held in Tahoe National Forest in Truckee, California. Around 300 people were present there.

At 11:30 p.m., she texted her mother that she would reach home within 45 minutes. The last active time on her phone was 12:33 a.m. After that, she and her car got disappeared.

After getting the missing report, the authorities started an extensive search operation. And after 19,000 hours, the search team was able to get some clues.

The circumstances under which Kiely Rodni went missing were quite confusing, and this led the investigators to look at the case from an abduction angle.

A team from Adventures with Purpose, a publicly funded organization that does the work of investigation, was involved. A sonar expert, a scuba diver, two cameramen, and a producer were called to find the body and car in a reservoir. After 35 minutes of search, they were able to locate the body and the car on the 21st of August. The remains of Kiely Rodni were lying in the back side of the car.

After locating the body of Kiely Rodni, Bishop said that he suspects foul play as the body was found on the rear side of the car. The front passenger side window and the back side window on the driver’s side were both damaged. She could have tried to come out through these, but there was no chance of her going to the cargo hatch on her own.

The entire reservoir search operation was filmed and is available on YouTube. In the documentary, you can see Bishop asking questions from a roadside worker. The worker says that he saw Kiely Rodni talking to a man who seemed to be a stranger to her.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office hopes to give some update on the case by next week. They are also trying to have someone present at the party to give some clues.

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