Japanese Travel Restrictions To Go By October

Japanese Travel Restrictions To Go By October


Here is some good news for the travelers and the tourism sector as the Japanese travel restrictions will go by October.

This decision from the Japanese government is expected to come in the wake of improving the country’s economy by inviting more and more tourism. By putting up travel restrictions, the earnings are getting affected a lot. The value of the Japanese currency yen is depreciating continuously.

The Japanese travel restrictions were put into place when the COVID-19 pandemic started. And since then, restrictions were never removed completely. Japan’s tourism sector is suffering a lot due to them.

The ongoing restrictions are making Japan a less preferred choice for foreign tourism. In June, the foreign footfall in Japan was less than 300 tourists, and in July, it was below 8,000. Whereas, before the pandemic, the daily number of foreign tourists was 80,000 plus per day. Now, this decision has brought a ray of light for the people involved in the tourism field as the numbers are likely to increase with unrestricted travel.

Earlier this month, the Japanese travel restrictions were relieved a bit when the daily cap on the arrival of new tourists was raised to 50,000 tourists per day. Now, this cap is likely to go, and things will come to normal as they were before the onset of the pandemic.

The government already removed the mandatory COVID-19 tests for foreign tourists who are vaccinated with three doses of the vaccine.

Before the pandemic, there were 68 countries on the list of Japanese tourism for which the government had allowed the visa waiver system. The list will be in place once again.

Under the current restrictions, foreign tourists need to make their bookings well in advance by providing travel itineraries, staying plans, cab rentals, etc., on short-term visa facilities. Now, these restrictions are likely to be removed, and there will be no need for registered travel agency bookings.

The Japanese government is trying to remove the fears from people’s minds about COVID-19 and wants that it should be considered a normal seasonal flu.

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