Is it the end of road for Priti Patel or will she fight back?


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Liz Truss has won the keys to 10, Downing Street and currently she is in the middle of finalising her complete cabinet. Hours after her election, Priti Patel, Britain’s home secretary resigned from that post as Truss would have eventually nicked her. However, experts believe that Patel is not going down without a fight.

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Reportedly, Patel on Tuesday accused the Foreign Office of trying to block her Rwanda asylum plan after the official Twitter account of the office liked a tweet from Zarah Sultana, a Labour MP who called her resignation a ‘good riddance’. She further added, “You were an unspeakably cruel home secretary and won’t be missed by anyone with a shred of decency.”


It is pertinent to note that in April this year, Patel had brought the ‘Rwanda Asylum Policy’ under which aliens arriving in the UK through ‘illegal’ means would be sent to the African country of Rwanda to seek asylum.

However, before Patel & co. could send the first deportation flight, it was grounded due to legal challenges. The incident happened in June and since then, not a single deportation has taken place as the case lingers on in the UK courts.

As per Patel’s close aides, the tweet liking by the foreign office was indicative of the official view it had taken on the issue as multiple bottlenecks ensured that her plan never really got off the ground. 

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However, this is certainly not the last we have seen of Patel. An avowed Thatcherite, Patel has made several comebacks in the past. She was sacked in 2017 by then PM Theresa May as international development secretary for holding unsanctioned meetings with the Israeli president. 

However, two years later in 2019, she landed the top job in Boris Johnson’s cabinet. She narrowly avoided another bout of sacking after accusations came to the fore of her bullying the civil servants. 

Despite her name constantly doing the rounds in the names of ministers to be demoted in a cabinet reshuffle, Patel managed to hold her job. She is the most socially conservative of Johnson’s senior ministers, voting against introducing same-sex marriage and remaining fiercely loyal to the former PM even when a flood of resignations ensued around him. 

Thus, those writing an obituary for Patel might want to tone down their enthusiasm. 

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