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Iranian Hulk’s farcical fight: Instagram star makes his boxing debut

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Sajad Gharibi, the Instagram star and popular Iranian Hulk made his boxing debut on Sunday night in Dubai against Kazakh Titan. But the Iranian Hulk’s fight proved to be farcical.

Iranian Hulk and Kazakh Titan stepped into the ring during the white-collar boxing event by Wicked N’ Bad. The social media rivals signed up for this event last month.

Six rounds of two minutes each were scheduled. But Iranian Hulk’s fight could not last long. It ended in the first round as the heavyweight Kazakh Titan, actual name Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, stopped the Iranian Hulk.

The Iranian Hulk could not survive even the first minute of the bout. It was evident that Kazakh Titan was much more prepared than him. He was throwing punches while Iranian Hulk continuously kept showing his back. The referee had to make a time-out call during the first minute. After the brief break, Hulk tried to make a comeback, but all went in vain. After a few more punches from Titan, Hulk lost his balance and stumbled down. And Iranian Hulk’s fight ended here.

6’2″ in height and super heavy with 385lb weight, Sajad Gharibi was born on 19th December 1991 in Ahvaz, Khuzestan. Once, he lost a face-off with the rival Martyn Ford, and his parents disowned him out of embarrassment. Currently, he lives in Bushehr, which is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Earlier, he used to take part in power-lifting competitions. But he took retirement at the early age of sixteen due to an injury in his leg. He is a bachelor’s in Commerce and once was under the impression of ISIS.

Iranian Hulk has a huge fan following on Instagram. In his posts, he shows off his muscular strength. Everyone was anxiously waiting for this clash of titans. But his fans were left disappointed. After the fight, it seems that he posts edited photos just to impress his fans. Before the fight began, his fans present there asked him to remove his t-shirt and show his muscles. But he refused. The social media users are also making a mockery of him.

Only the coming time will tell if the Iranian Hulk will be able to gather the courage again to step into the boxing ring.

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