Iran: Bank manager sacked for providing service to unveiled woman


An Iranian bank manager who served a lady who was not wearing a head covering has been sacked as protests over the requirement to cover one’s head rock the Islamic Republic.

The 80 million nation has a legislation requiring women to cover their heads, necks, and hair, which is upheld by the morality police.

Mahsa Amini, 22, was killed on September 16 while being held by morality police for allegedly breaking dress code regulations. This led to widespread protests that the government has labelled “riots.”

Mehr news agency reported that the bank manager in Qom province, near Tehran, “had provided bank services on Thursday to an unveiled woman”. As a result, he was “removed from his position by order of the governor,” Mehr quoted deputy governor Ahmad Hajizadeh. Mehr added that the video of the unveiled woman “elicited a lot of reaction on social media.”

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The majority of banks in Iran are run by the government, and according to Hajizadeh, it is the administrators of these establishments who are in charge of carrying out the hijab rule.

During the protests, which Iran claims are incited by its Western “enemy,” dozens of people have died, mostly protestors but also security personnel.

Four years after the 1979 revolution that toppled the US-backed monarchy and established the Islamic Republic, the headscarf was made obligatory. Later, when fashion standards changed, it became normal to see women wearing tight jeans and loose, vibrant headscarves.

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Ebrahim Raisi, the ultra-conservative president of this year, however, called for the mobilisation of “all state institutions to execute the headscarf rule” in July. However, a lot of women kept flouting the law.

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