Indian students race past China, bag more UK visas than any other country


The British elevated Commission immigration statistics released on Thursday show that 118,000 Indian students received a student visa in the year ending June 2022, an 89% increase from the previous year. With this, India has also overtaken China as the largest nationality who are being issued sponsored study visas in the UK, the British elevated Commission press release said.

When it came to visitor visas, Indians again outranked everyone else. With more than 258,000 Indians receiving visitor visas in the year ending June 2022, the country accounted for the highest proportion at 28%. This was also a 630% increase from the same period last year when COVID-19 restrictions were still in place.



near to 103,000 Indians also got work visas in the year ending June 2022, registering a 148% increase from the same period last year. This data includes skilled and seasonal workers, with Indians accounting for 46% of all skilled work visas granted globally.

“India first again. I’m delighted that Indian nationals were issued the largest number of UK study, work and visitor visas in the year ending June 2022. More strength to the unique living bridge that connects our people,” British elevated Commissioner to India Alex Ellis said.

Ellis once again requested students to apply for visas as early as possible due to an “unprecedented” surge in demand for UK visas following relaxation of Covid guidelines.

(With inputs from agencies)



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