India condemns Leicester violence and vandalism of Hindu religious premises

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The Indian elevated Commission in London on Monday strongly condemned the violence in Leicester city that erupted after India was defeated by Pakistan in the Asia Cup match on August 28.

In a strongly worded press release, the commission said it has expressed its outrage against the violence against the Indian community and vandalising of Hindu religious premises in Leicester.

It said that it has taken up the matter with the British authorities and sought serious action against the perpetrators.


So far, 15 people have been arrested following a special operation by the police to “deter further disorder” in Leicester, reports BBC.

The arrests followed large-scale protests on Saturday and Sunday as tensions ran high between young men from sections of the Muslim and Hindu communities.

As per BBC, people during Sunday’s protest congregated on Belgrave Road, with members of the crowd saying that they were on the streets as a result of the recent unrest.

Allegations and counter-allegations continued between the members of the two community, both accusing each other of targeted attacks.  

Speaking to the Guardian, a 42-year-old community leader named Rukhsana Hussain claimed that a group of men marched through the city’s Green Lane Road area on Saturday, where there are a number of Muslim-owned businesses and a Hindu temple.

As per the report, the men were heard chanting “Jai Shri Ram”, in which a video substantiating this claim was shared on Twitter purportedly showing men from the Hindu community throwing glass bottles on Belgrave Road.


On the other hand, Indian-origin Drishti Mae, a resident of Leicester who used to head a national Hindu organisation, told the Guardian that the Hindu community was being targeted and attacked and added that she had never seen such unrest in the city.

“It’s the Hindu community that’s being targeted, a first-generation migrant community…They feel threatened, and attacked,” she told The Guardian.

She claimed that the police were failing to protect property, people and places of worship, according to the report, and said “We do have a right to protect ourselves.”

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