I was dragged into Chinese consulate, says protester who was assaulted in Manchester


Bob Chan, the protester who was assaulted at the Chinese consulate in Manchester, said that he was not looking to enter the premises when the incident happened. Videos surfaced of the incident which took place on Sunday, and it has resulted in tensions between China and the United Kingdom.

Since the video surfaced online, the British foreign office and the office of Prime Minister Liz Truss had criticised the Chinese diplomats for the incident. Later, the foreign office also summoned a top Chinese diplomat in order to discuss the circumstances of the incident in Manchester.

Chan, who was a part of the pro-Hong Kong democracy protests, also told reporters at the press conference that he was beaten by masked men who come out of the consulate.

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“I then found myself being dragged into the grounds of the consulate. I held on to the gates where I was kicked and punched, I could not hold on for long,” he said according to BBC.

“I was eventually pulled onto the ground of the consulate. I felt punches and kicks from several men. Other protestors were trying to get me out of this situation, but to no avail.”

“The attack only stopped when a man who turned out to be a uniformed officer from the outstandinger Manchester Police pulled me outside the gates. Let me say it again so I am clear: I was dragged into the consulate I did not attempt to enter the consulate,” he added in the press conference.

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Chan also expressed his shock that the incident took place on British soil.

“I am shocked because I never thought something like this could happen in the UK. I still believe the UK is a place where free speech and protest are basic human rights. No amount of violence or diplomatic pressure will change that. I am hurt physically and mentally,” he said.

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