‘I Love Corn’ Kid becomes official Corn-bassador of South Dakota


Seven years old ‘I Love Corn’ kid has become the official Corn-bassador of South Dakota. The kid’s name is Tariq.

Governor Kristi Noem made this official announcement on Saturday, September 3rd, via a tweet from her official Twitter handle. She also shared kid’s pictures taken at ‘Corn Palace.’
Corn Palace is a tourist place and is based on a corn theme.

How did the ‘I Love Corn’ kid come into the limelight?

‘I Love Corn’ kid Tariq rose to fame after an interview given to “Recess Therapy,” which is a series on Instagram and conducts interviews of the children. The interview was conducted by Julian Shapiro-Barnum.

Julian asked Tariq about his most favorite food. To this, the kid replied that he loves eating corn, and he enjoys them most when he eats them with butter.

Gregory Brothers band dedicates song to the I Love Corn’ kid:

The Gregory Brothers’ band created a song by giving musical touch to the interview and improvising it. The video is available on the band’s TikTok handle @schmoyoho. It made the little child a star overnight, and Tariq got the new name ‘I Love Corn Kid.’

The overnight star, I Love Corn’ kid:

The South Dakota governor’s office shared a video on its official TikTok handle @southdakota in which Tariq can be seen holding corn and saying, “Hi South Dakota. Have a corn-tastic day!” This video was taken at the Corn Palace.

The South Dakota Tourism Twitter account also called Tariq ‘The King of Corn’ and shared a cute picture of the ‘I Love Corn’ kid.

With one interview, the cute little kid gained the attention of the netizens and became the official Corn-bassador of South Dakota.

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