Human Remains Once again Found at Lake Mead


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The incidents of finding human remains at the perishing lake seem to be never-ending. This is the fourth time in the past four months that human remains have been found at Lake Mead.

This Saturday, another set of human remains was found at a Lake Mead beach. This is the 4th one in the latest findings.

Few people were present at Swim Beach of Lake Mead in Nevada when they noticed something like a skeleton. They immediately informed the authorities at 11:30 a.m. Park rangers reached the spot along with some divers, and they found the human remains lying in Lake Mead.

This set of human remains is the 4th one from Lake Mead and the 2nd one from Swim Beach.

1st set of human remains was found from Lake Mead on 1st May. It was inside a barrel and belonged to some person who died in the 1970s or 1980s. The 2nd set was discovered from Callville Bay on 7th May. And last month, 3rd set of human remains was found on Swim Beach of Lake Mead on 26th July.

Detailed information about the remains and reasons for death is not available yet. The local Clark County Coroner is examining the remains. All the human remains found from Lake Mead till now have remained unidentified yet.

Meanwhile, a person named Todd Kolod has come forward and claimed that the remains found on 7th May belong to his father, Daniel Kolod. His father died in 1958 due to drowning in Callville Bay, and his body could never be found. Todd is ready to go for a DNA test as well. However, the police have not given any confirmation about it yet.

The lake is going down and down due to the prevailing drought-like conditions, and new discoveries of human remains from Lake Mead are coming up. Apart from human remains, Lake Mead is revealing other things as well, like a watercraft.

As a respite from drought-like situations does not seem to be near, new discoveries are expected to happen on a continuous basis.

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