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All about TikTok’s new trend ‘Human Feeling’ quiz

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A new quiz “Human Emotions Quizzes” is trending on TikTok. The quiz is about human emotions and claims to reveal what type of “human feeling” the user is.

Millions of social media users have taken the viral quiz and also posted their results online with the hashtag #humanfeelings. The quiz has been viewed more than 4.5 million times since it started.

The short format videos are accompanied by the same audio clip and a picture of the user. The results of the quiz come out to be various emotions like “sincere love”, “despondency”, “tired”, etc.

The quiz comes from a Russian website called and if players cannot read Russian they can translate the page to answer the questions.

One can take the “human feelings” quiz as under:

Where can you take the Human Emotions quiz?

By clicking on the given link, you will go to the Russian website Uquiz, and here you can begin the quiz. Click here to take the quiz

How can you take the Human Emotions quiz?

If you cannot read Russian, you can translate the website page into English to take part in the quiz.

The page starts with the title wording, “What kind of human feeling are you?”

The title is followed by the text that means that on the basis of its personal opinion and site algorithms the results are generated.

It is not clear whose opinion and what kind of algorithms are used to generate the results of the quiz.

Now input your name, and click on “Start Quiz” to start the quiz.

Due to the translation limitations, you may find some of the questions and answers phrased strangely. There are a total number of eleven questions in the quiz. Some questions may ask you to upload a picture.

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Examples of results from the quiz:

After answering all the eleven questions, the quiz will assign you to a “human feeling”. The users can share this on TikTok and Twitter.

The result can be any happy or sad human feeling with proper description.

Many users have posted their results online.

Why has the “Human Emotions quiz” become popular?

The quiz has become so famous because the users are finding the results quite relatable and reassuring. 

One TikTok user got the result “nostalgia” and he was actually feeling nostalgic for his home, while another got “true love”. She said that her result made her feel happy.

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